Business Affairs

KDS Accessories Limited (formerly KDS Packaging Industries ltd) was incorporated on 21 April 1991 as a private limited company under the companies Act, 1993 (since replaced and substituted by the Companies Act 1994) with the Registrar of Joint Stock Companies & Firms, Chittagong (Registration no-C-H-C-862/154 of 1991). The company commenced its commercial production on 01 July 1991. Head office of the company is located at 255 Nasirabad Industrial Area, Chittagong 4211. Bangladesh. Subsequently the company established its 2nd unit in Mirjapur, Gazipur at Dhaka in the year 2009. KDS Packaging Industries Limited was changed to KDS Accessories Limited pursuant to the Special Resolution in the Extra Ordinary General Meeting held on 22 April,2010 and certified by the Register of Joint Stock Companies & Firms on 11 May 2010 pursuant to the provision of section 11, sub section (7) of the Companies Act 1994 (Act XVIII of 1994). The company re-fixed the face value of its shares from Tk. 100 to Tk. 10 each and enhanced its Authorized Share Capital from Tk. 200,000,000 to 2,000,000,000 as per approval of the shareholders in an Extra Ordinary General Meeting held on 10 August 2010.

Nature of Business

KDS Accessories Limited is the largest garments accessories producing company in Bangladesh. Since beginning, the company tried and accomplishes to provide the best quality of its services to its clients without any topsy-turvy state of affairs. The Company is engaged in production of different types of textile accessories like cartons, labels, tags, printings, narrow fabrics, elastics, heat transfer printing and button.

The Company has two factory which are located:

  • Chittagong Factory: At 191-192, Baizid Bostami Road, Nasirabad I/A, Chittagong.
  • Gazipur Factory: At 6, Dogory, Mirjapur, Gazipur.
Company Name KDS Accessories Limited
Date of Incorporation April 21,1991
Registration Number C-H-C-862/154-1991
Registered Address 255, Nasirabad I/A, Chittagong
Date of Commencement of business July 01, 1991
Corporate Address 191-192, Baizid Bostami Road, Nasirabad I/A, Chittagong 4210, Bangladesh
TIN Number 127981816003
Legal Form A public company with limited liability. Incorporated as private limited company on April 21, 1991 and subsequently converted to a public limited company on 17 April 2012 which approved by RJSC on 26 November 2012
Authorized Capital BDT 2,000 Million
Paid up Capital BDT 520 Million
Face Value Per Share BDT 10
Board of Directors Mr. Khalilur Rahman Mr. Salim Rahman Mrs. Tahsina Rahman KDS Garment Industries Ltd. Professor Sarwar Jahan (Independent Director)

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