Complementing the Apparel Luxury and Comfort through our Elastics & Narrow Tapes

  • In-house Warping facilities
  • In-house Starching & finishing requirements
  • High Pressure Ribbon calendaring machine
  • Ability to we Jacquard design Woven Elastics of both Nylon & Polyester
  • Can weave cotton, nylon & polyester ribbons

KDS Accessories is now manufacturer of vast range of Elastic Tapes and narrow web tapes to suite the ever growing and ever changing mood of the industry. The company has got the Narrow Fabrics production facility for specialized manufacturing of Woven Elastics, Knitted Elastics and Non-elastic narrow tapes.

On Jacquard woven elastics we offer complete customized solutions in terms of innovation in fibers designing, construction techniques, patterns and color options. The elastic are woven out with great concern throughout. We have Swiss made needle looms that are jacquard looms specially used for imprinting designs upon the elastics. Our infrastructure also includes Covering Machines, dyeing, starching and all sort of machineries to carry out the finishing of the elastic products. Knitted elastomeric fabrics, bringing quality, service, and innovation to the intimate apparel, athletic wear, swimwear, sportswear and medical/industrial markets. As a fully vertical supplier, we provide superior customer satisfaction with a focus on excellence throughout our organization, incorporating responsiveness, reliability and flexibility into everything we do. We are specialized in high quality Spandex and Latex pre-shrunk elastics and all kinds of knitted elastic laces. We can offer printed elastics, with custom printed logo or design.

We are equipped with highly advanced machines to manufacture Narrow tapes and webbing like twill tapes, herringbone tapes and satin tapes of polyester, nylon and cotton materials. We are specialized in non-elastic jacquard woven tapes, fancy ribbons and belts. We have an authorization to OEKO-TEX Standard 100, certification for our elastic products. Our hands on experience in the market give us the capability to understand the peculiarity of various world markets and hence where required, we can modify our ropes and rope other articles to meet customer and customer specific requirements of color, quality and construction.

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