KDS Accessories… Where sky is not in the limit!!!
This is one of the most exciting times in our company history. We're enthusiastic about the energy, imagination and diversity that new talent will bring no KDS Accessories. These qualifies along with our core values, benefits and training are more critical than ever as we aim no reshape ourselves to win in the 21st century. We don't just manufacture TRIMS anymore. We want to make this industry interesting vibrant and exciting for everyone involved with us.

To be the world leader and a globally preferred TRIMS Solution company we are committed to earn our customers' trust and enthusiasm through continuous improvement of our products and services. This is driven by integrity, teamwork and the innovation of our people. At KDS Accessories, people is our biggest capital!

At KDS Accessories people love what they do!

Every member of our team is our brand ambassador. When you are really passionate about the work you do, it becomes a part of everything you do. The production, consolidation, financial and business professionals who are working today at KDS Accessories definitely share the passion. They are developing the new ideas for customer delight through dynamic 8: need oriented services.

Life at KDS Accessories | Love what You Do.

You'll Love Our Culture.

The KDS Accessories Culture Apart from general HR theory and practices HR function has taken steps to apply human Capital tools keeping abreast with recently establishes techniques invented in the developing nations. Appraisal system through scientific “Balance Score Card" prescribed by “Earnest & Young" where each position is evaluated on critical role objectives under the parameters of the four very important quadrant: Financial, Customer, Growth and Process.

A separate Training Development department conducts "Training Need Analysis" (T NA) through Focused Group Discussion (FGD), self and supervisors assessment and through HR observation. Fully automated HR System runs the HR policy and procedure, which is created with a view to establish strong discipline without any biasness towards a particular person or position.

KDS Accessories has undertaken a corporate cultural revolution to reclaim our “Global Quality Standard" within the marketplace. Our regional network supported by a dynamic team of professionals allow us to serve our clients as a strong supply chain partner providing production, consolidation and solution based services.

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