Worldwide Operation

To realise our vision we understand that we need to integrate ourselves within the supply chain process of our customers. To do so we need to be as close as possible to the critical sourcing zones and countries of our customers.

We have tried to spread across continents in order to get closer to the manufacturing either with direct production or sales offices. Our production bases are fewer but larger and in strategic location catering to a larger region where as more sales offices help in attending to vendors locally and assuring retailers with our presence.

We are in a continuous pursuit to expand this growing network. Therefore, we recently have added our EU presence by having our office in London, and then New York for USA and Canada market by ZOIO. We are conīŦdent of building a meaningful network of operations globally. Our strategy is to own ach of them directly so that we control every aspect of our presence so that each of our location speaks one common language. What that really mans is we say and agree in London gets done exactly that way in Bangladesh or China!

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